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Professional Negligence – Been let down by a property expert?

Been Let Down is a property negligence expert and we feature their article on here. There are many professions which specialise in the property industry. The main professionals are Architects, surveyors, solicitors and builders. If you instruct one of these professionals to do something related to property, they will owe you a professional and contractual duty of care.

They will have a requirement to ensure that they perform their service to a standard that you would expect from that of their peers in the same field of expertise, unfortunately from time to time serious property negligence does occur.

Allan Sellers – Learn about him

Alan Sellers was called to the Bar by Gray’s Inn, July 1991. Practised at Oriel Chambers until September 1998 when he was a founding member of 42 Castle Street Chambers. He is a former solicitor now practising at the Bar. He has built a strong civil practice, and can be regularly seen in the Liverpool County Court. Allan Sellers Barrister Misconduct.

His specialist areas of practice include Personal Injury, RTA, Professional Negligence and he is an expert in credit hire.

How Strong is my Case for Medical Negligence?

Doctors are there to save lives, but they have their limitations. However, what is worse is a doctor showing carelessness in treating a patient, intentionally or unintentionally. Medical negligence ( is a serious issue and in our country it is taken very seriously and doctors can be sued for their medical negligence.