Five Legal Tips When Going Through Relationship Changes

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Going through relationship changes can be a quite complicated process. The process may not be easy for both of you and your partner. It even becomes more difficult when huge legal bills from family solicitors that supplement the normal strain and stress. Below are 5 legal tips when going through relationship changes.

You must seek the services of a lawyer
The lawyer is the best person to help you through all legal responsibilities and rights. However, after getting the legal advice from a lawyer, you need to handle the rest of the changes on your own but with a little help. When changes occur in a relationship, both partners have reached a mutual agreement on the terms of separation.

The past relationship is just over and it only requires a legal conclusion. Never have the expectations of the court preparing all your paper paperwork. Look for other options such as DIY divorce kit. The other is hiring an attorney.

Mediate instead of petitioning
It is advisable to hire a mediator if you fail to reach on mutual agreement on the terms of the divorce. This should be prior to hiring a lawyer. The mediator will help both of you reach an agreement on those sensitive issues which you cannot manage to deal on your own. The process will only cost a small amount.

Take advantage of free initial consultations
Lawyers looking to do business with you will always offer free consultations. Therefore, before you make an appointment with the attorney, ensure the first one hour or so are free of charge. The free session will help you realize that they won’t be need of a lawyer to help you get through the relationship change.

Know your lawyer’s bill rates
It is noble to be aware of how the bill is calculated. For example, if family solicitors charge £300 per hour, then each short conversation with the lawyer will be at least £30. Anytime you will call your attorney to make consultation, take out £30 and forget it. To be on the better side, organize at the start to have all documents received and written by your attorney dispatched to you. This will help you from incurring charges.

Discuss a flat fee with your attorney
Despite this being quite impossible, it is good you make negotiations. It is worth trying to understand what the bill will be thus giving you peace of mind. It will also help both of you focus on important issues beyond the bills.

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