What is the difference between a lawyer and a solicitor?

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PBN is a Latin term used for Pro Bono which is used when professional work is taken up voluntarily by a solicitor or lawyer without any payments. In legal terms, when people are unable to afford some legal assistance, such pro bono professionals provide their assistance without asking for any remittances. The Stephen Lawrence case in 1993 was a PBN case taken up by solicitor named Imran Khan when Ministry of Justice cut the legal aid of 215million pounds. The professional solicitorsManchester city centre also provide such pro bono professional assistance to people in need for legal help in UK.

PBN does not mean giving free advice to friends and relatives. Manchester based solicitors in city centres take up the cases that widely lie under public domain. They provide assistance to individuals, charities and communities. PBN solicitors do not charge any fee and they represent their clients without accounting for the results, either outcome in favour or against.

Solicitors Manchester city centre provide different kinds of legal assistance to the people. There are companies that provide various niches of professional legal assistance to clients. The solicitors Manchester city centre teams are able to provide legal help in relation to personal and family laws. The areas these PBNs work are limitless. Whether it is a divorce matter, children law to driving offences or property related disputes, Pro bono solicitors from UK and especially from Manchester City centres provide legal aid. Some companies also charge reasonable fees when they are taking up specific issues that do not lie in public interests/domain.

Solicitors Manchester city centre also help people where medical and clinical negligence have occurred. Employee and employer issues, criminal laws, trusts, wills, probate, estate administration etc. are taken up for providing legal help to individuals and communities. Solicitors Manchester city centre also take up family laws and all cases that come under this category. All complex cases are untaken by Manchester city centre solicitors where they try to solve cases by meditation and constructive negotiations instead of directly building the case for litigation.

The solicitors are trained under non-confrontational approaches to resolve family matters. Many Manchester based free legal help companies are also providing help for immigrants. PBN is a volunteer work and no specific hours are defined for this but some companies decide earlier that how many pro bono cases they would like to take up in public interest. So, people who do not have resources to defend their cases, they can go for help to Manchester-based solicitors for their cases to be taken as pro bono.

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